Penny Ross Burk  
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About the Artist

Penny paints, carves, shoots (pictures) and sews. Her latest artistic efforts merge embroidered flosses and fibers with photographs, watercolors, and found objects.

At the same time, Pen has been concentrating on “letting go,” enabling her to express freely on canvas with her abstract oil paintings. Some of her most recent paintings depict cave walls and pathways.

Pen’s career in the arts started with majoring in fine arts in college with a minor in dance. After college, she worked as a photographic assistant and stylist for a company whose main interest was rock and roll publicity. Props, art direction and makeup for album covers and publicity were her responsibilities.

From there, Pen transferred those skills to the film and television industries doing props and learning to do character makeup along with creating scars, cuts and bruises for training films for the armed forces. For much of the last three decades, she has been the key makeup artist for several national television shows, the longest of which is NBC’s Meet The Press. Many of her celebrity clients now own her art.

Please email me: or talk to me: 202-285-8407

Penny In Her Studio